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Contractors are unharnessed referral pools: trainer

Recruitment agencies that are just marketing to their existing contractors rather than actively engaging with them are missing opportunities to attract more candidates, says an industry trainer. read more


11 ways to boost client referrals

Recruiters often lack confidence to ask for referrals, but doing so shows they take a 'mature and focused' approach to recruitment, says a training specialist with an 11-step referral plan. read more


Where are the positive candidate stories?

Recruiters should do more to encourage candidates to share positive stories about their recruitment experience, to combat negativity about their brands, says a talent acquisition specialist. read more


Recruiters urged to step up personal branding efforts

Personal branding is largely a missed opportunity in recruitment, says a performance coach who shares the three elements of a strong personal brand. read more


CGC grows Brisbane team; Union under fire for labour hire protest; and more

  • CGC growing in Brisbane
  • FWO pursuing union over wildcat action against labour hire
  • Delay likely for Victorian inquiry report
  • Charity program boosts recruiter referrals
  • LGBTI Jobs signs launch partners
  • Augmented reality enhances career-planning app read more

Market mapping separates great from good recruiters

Recruiters who don't conduct a fresh mid-year assessment of the market they're operating in risk misdirecting the remainder of their year's activities, says an industry trainer. read more


Stop surprise client losses with effective feedback

Relying solely on consultants to collect customer feedback gives recruitment companies a skewed picture of how clients and candidates perceive them, according to recruitment marketing specialist Paul Quinn. read more

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