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Training and strategy revamp helps double revenue, headcount

An award-winning recruitment company has doubled its headcount and revenue after refocusing its strategy, structure and training and development, its founder says.

When Wow launched in 2017, co-founder and director Emily McLeod had plans to create a high-performing business that could scale, but "it took a little bit longer than I thought for us to really get going", she tells Shortlist.

"I had those pretty standard challenges that a lot of recruiters have where you're the top biller and then transferring from being top biller into leader is tricky, and teaching other people to do exactly what you're doing is hard."

It took the pandemic to see how she was inadvertently stifling the company's growth, she says.

"I had the opportunity to step back from the business and then see everything from a birds-eye view and go 'okay, I know where I might be getting in the way of things or where I need to add systems, add processes, and teach people what I'm doing'...

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