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Recruiters placing 30% more 'silver' candidates; Accreditation lifts diversity sourcing success

Recruiters using jobs data for lead generation are now placing 30% more of their 'silver medal' candidates. Meanwhile a new accreditation is helping RPO clients meet their gender equity targets.

With less than one-third of all jobs now being advertised by recruitment companies, there is a "tremendous opportunity" to increase market share and generate new revenue opportunities, says Rover founder Saxon Huggins.

Over the past 10 years, the proportion of employer-to-recruiter advertising has been "pretty stable, at about 55% contributed by employers, leaving 45% by recruiters," he told a recent Captain's Table event.

"But then COVID changed a lot of things. Employers reverted to trying to do more hiring themselves, if they did have hiring needs. What we see now is more like a 70:30 share, where employers are contributing a lot more of the job advertising than they proportionately were before...

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