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Job titles a barrier to "zero wasted potential" people strategies

Employers now actively looking beyond job titles are accessing a wealth of untapped talent in their existing workforces, according to an AI expert.

It's harder than ever to find talent, and categorising people by their titles doesn't help, says Siobhan Savage, the founder of workforce intelligence platform Reejig.

"Look at me," she tells Shortlist. "I'm the CEO of a high-growth technology company, but I'm an 'HR person'. Who would ever put me in that job?"

By looking at talent more broadly, paying more attention to skills and potential, "you can maximise the view of a full individual", she adds. "When you remove the label barrier, you suddenly multiply your talent pool aggressively."

Savage says Reejig – which has a "zero wasted potential" mission and helps large employers uncover potential in their current workforce and in their broader talent pools – is finding huge amounts of unnecessary cost in organisations, along with untapped skills...

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